Cone Embrasse


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100% Acetate

Embrasse CONE.
Embrace size 80 cm
Guaranteed durability even if exposed to heat sources such as a radiator or sunlight.
Handmade by expert craftsmen who take care of every detail.
Made in Italy product.


09 Burro, 14 Beige, 27 Tortora, 61 Melanzana, 150 Blu, 171 Verde Salvia, 1020 Mix Tortora, 1021 Rombi Tortora, 1063 Rombi Cipolla, 1108 Mix Giallo Oro, 1173 Rombi Verde Acido, 1205 Mix Grigio, 1206 Mix Grigio Fumo, 1620 Rombi Bordeaux, 1730 Mix Polvere


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