Blackboard Magnet Art. 45585


Color 42

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Wooden magnet with string and adhesive blackboard insert + 1 white chalk for drawing or writing.
Measures open 30 cm – closed 15 cm
High quality 3 mm thick magnets with strong attraction for even heavier fabrics.
Guaranteed durability even if exposed to heat sources such as a radiator or sunlight.
Handmade by expert craftsmen who take care of every detail.
Made in Italy product

– Beautiful idea to be exploited in various solutions such as a magnet for curtains by drawing a motif according to where it is positioned … in the kitchen, in a children’s bedroom (perhaps with a drawing of a cartoon or simply the name)

– How to mark a place on a table by placing it on a napkin and writing the name of whoever has to occupy the place.

– On the fridge as a base for shopping notes.


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